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Curated Legal and Compliance Professionals

Curated Legal and Compliance Professionals

Secondment - A Viable Staffing Solution

Do you need Legal or Compliance Professionals at short notice to –

  • Handle temporary extra workload?
  • Fulfill your resource requirements for specific projects?
  • Temporarily fill-in for an existing team member on leave (eg. maternity, sabbatical)?
  • Temporarily fill-in a vacancy caused by sudden attrition?

Do you want to test the capability and culture fit of a Legal or Compliance Professional before offering a full-time position? 

Secondment can be a viable staffing solution in all the above situations. It can also help boost productivity and save time spent on training new hires

Lawyerix can rapidly second the right-fit Legal or Compliance Professionals because it is managed entirely by Legal Professionals whose collective in-house and law-firm experience of more than 60 years help them truly understand your urgent staffing needs.

Secondment Models

Vanilla Secondment

  • Client allocates work directly to the Secondee
  • Client retains work delivery ownership 
  • No oversight from Lawyerix affiliated law firm
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • No backup provided for leave

Value-Added Secondment

  • Client allocates work directly to the Secondee
  • Client retains work delivery ownership 
  • Limited oversight from Lawyerix affiliated law firm 
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Backup provided for leave

Lawyerix Advantage


Candidates are put through a unique evaluation process to bring you the best while saving your time.


We prefer candidates known to our trusted network of Legal and Compliance Professionals.

Law Firm

Secondees have access to Lawyerix’s affiliated law firm for on-going professional development.


Variety of Secondment models with an option to hire.

Our Clients

Top IT / ITES Giants

Financial Data and Analytics Companies

Law Firms

Top Consulting Firms

Do you want to consider our Recruitment Solution instead?

Case Studies


Secondment of Legal Contracting Professional to a Tier-1 IT Company

Our Client, an IT giant, was looking for a legal contracting professional for a period of six months, as they were facing a major attrition in their procurement contracts department. The role demanded a contracting lawyer with good commercial contracting experience in IT procurement contracts globally.

Lawyerix identified a professional with 6+ years of experience dealing with buy-side technology contracts across the globe. The seconded professional has helped our client to handle the workload effectively. The secondment was extended for additional six months.


Secondment of a Company Secretary for a Global Data and Financial Analytics Company


Our UK client, a key player in global financial markets infrastructure and data business, required a qualified company secretary to support corporate secretarial compliances for its global subsidiaries. The client wanted a CS with experience in overseas subsidiaries compliances and post M&A integration activities for a period of 6 months.


Lawyerix identified a CS with extensive corporate secretarial experience with multinational organisations. During the assignment, the CS supported the Corporate Secretariat in streamlining overseas subsidiaries’ corporate compliances and also supported the India secretarial team. The secondment extended over a period of thirteen months after which the professional was hired by the Client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Secondment is an arrangement where a person temporarily joins your in-house legal / compliance department to assist with a specific project, to offer expertise, or to support existing teams with their day-to-day workload. He/She does not become a permanent employee of your organization.

The minimum period of engagement is three (3) months.

A secondee can be engaged initially for a period not longer than 12 months, post which the original agreement can be extended/amended, or a new agreement can be made.

  •   Higher fees
  •   Clients are not permitted to hire the secondees
  •   Service provider does not take responsibility for the quality of the work
  •   Service provider does not provide any value additions
  • Our fees are competitive
  • We encourage our clients to use Secondment as a path for their hiring requirements
  • Under the Value Added Secondment model we provide certain amount of oversight on the secondee’s work
  • We provide value additions to the client’s legal function by keeping the secondee engaged and up to date on improvements in the legal space

Lawyerix has robust agreements executed with the legal and compliance professionals which includes confidentiality obligations. Clients may also get additional confidentiality undertakings signed to reinforce the criticality of keeping their information confidential.

Yes. Clients may interview and evaluate candidates per their HR processes.

Clients may hire our secondees subject to terms negotiated in the engagement letter.

Work With The Right-Fit Secondees

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