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Unlock your potential with Lawyerix

Unlock your potential with Lawyerix

Are you a Legal or Compliance Professional looking for

  • A better work-life balance / More flexibility?
  • An opportunity to develop new skills, knowledge and experiences?
  • A return to the workforce after a career break e.g. (after a maternity break or a sabbatical)?
  • A way to leverage your specialised skill set across a broader variety of situations?
  • Opportunity to achieve development objectives in a limited period?

Secondment can be a viable solution for you in any or all of the above situations.

Are you a Legal or Compliance Professional looking for a permanent position in an in-house department or a law firm?

We help you find full-time opportunities that match your skills and abilities. 

Lawyerix truly understands and fulfills your career aspirations and development needs because it is managed entirely by Legal Professionals who have extensive in-house and law firm experience.

We partner with you and stay deeply involved in the process from empanelment to onboarding. You are as important to us as our clients and we ensure to strike a balance between your needs and our clients’ needs to arrive at win-win situation for both!

and Support

We stay deeply connected with you right from empanelment till onboarding.


We serve leading IT, financial companies and consulting firms.


We guide and counsel you on opportunities best suited to your competencies and professional goals and help you to UNLOCK your TRUE potential.


Secondees will have a continued connect with us and will be part of a larger team and benefit from access to all the professional development initiatives/ programs of Lawyerix’s affiliated law firm.


Secondees’ bench time is limited as they can take up legal engagements as of counsel with Lawyerix’s affiliated law firm.

What Our Secondees Say About Us?


Lawyerix played an important role in my quest to find stability, good opportunities and work -life balance . The opportunities provided by Lawyerix to legal professionals are a perfect balance of challenge, growth, learning and consistency. They keep in mind your capabilities, career plans and guide you to make the most of every opportunity.


Secondee in Tier-1 IT Company


After working in a law firm environment for several years, I was nervous about making a shift to an in-house role. That's where the Lawyerix team came in - patiently guiding and helping me transition into my secondment to a global financial and data analytics company by providing very valuable insights arising from their wealth of experience in multiple different roles in/around the legal sphere. The Lawyerix team has curated a large network of opportunities allowing legal and compliance professionals to find an employment or secondment role that truly fits best with their needs and goals at the time - like I did.


Secondee in a Global Financial and Data Analytics Company


I am proud to be associated with Lawyerix as I know I am in the best hands. After having a career break for around 2.5 years, I was glad that the Lawyerix team believed in me and provided me a platform to come back to the workforce through a secondment with their client. Lawyerix has a fantastic team of highly professional attorneys who walked me through all the processes - coaching and reassuring me every step of the way. Without their help, I would not have had the career progression I have had in a fairly short period of time.
I very much appreciate the knowledge and support I received from Lawyerix Their approach of combining Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, and Partnership makes Lawyerix a great ally for their clients and legal professionals.


Secondee in a Global Financial and Data Analytics Company


Changing one's career path is a daunting decision that is overwhelming at every juncture. But luckily for me, Lawyerix came as a blessing in disguise. I'm not only grateful to them for providing me with the right opportunities and work profiles that resonated with my expectations, ambitions and personality but also for supporting, guiding me at every stage to ensure my growth. Besides finding the right-fit candidates for their clients, Lawyerix also strives to find growth opportunities for legal and corporate compliance professionals. Lawyerix is a great choice for such professionals looking for holistic growth.


Secondee in a Global Financial and Data Analytics Company

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Frequently Asked Questions


A Secondment is an arrangement in which a professional temporarily joins an organization to help with a specific project, provide expertise or simply to support existing teams with their day-to-day workload.

      Benefits for you are –

  • Short-term / flexible projects or engagements
  • Compensation that is superior to the market rate
  • A greater degree of work satisfaction
  • Opportunity to work across domains and varied industry sectors
  • Increased opportunities for career development and progression
  • Improved understanding of in-house legal department operations

Join the Lawyerix network for exploring Secondment opportunities by registering with us on our website. Register

There is no fee for registration. We also do not charge you any fee if you are selected for a secondment opportunity. Register

Lawyerix has clients from across a variety of industries and areas of practice, such as Tier-1 IT companies, global financial data and analytics companies, Big 4 firms, mid-size law firms, and fintech companies. Case studies on our website can be referred for nature of engagements. Know more

Empanelment with Lawyerix does not entitle you to any fee. Once you commence work on a client project, you will earn the fee agreed in the consultancy agreement executed during empanelment with Lawyerix. 

Our team will reach out to you and discuss about any opportunity we think you fit in. Post our discussion with you, we will forward and recommend your profile to the client.

At Lawyerix, we only second you when there is a client requirement matching your profile and the client confirms your selection after their evaluation.

An assignment may be extended by mutual agreement. However, if a contract is not extended, then the next steps would depend on what you are seeking, and we will work with you to identify new opportunities that are available for you at that time.


Join the Lawyerix network for exploring Full-time Recruitment opportunities by registering with us on our website. Register

We do not charge candidates any fee for registration or placement.

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